Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fantastic Structural Correction!

This Is What It's All About...
Fireworks don't work for  me like an excellent structural correction...It never gets old...

The BLACK curve is the shape this neck is suppose to have. The red lines on the back of the vertebrae depict how the patient's neck is shaped...NOT so good (reversed) in the BEFORE image...BTW, they had a couple SECONDARY CONDITIONS which made them seek my care... headaches and neck pain, which are just a couple of the possibilities this kind of ABNORMAL neck structure can generate.

It took more than a couple treatments  to get the CORRECTION you see in the AFTER image...near perfection! The patient's favorite side effect of NORMAL structure, in this case, is no more headaches and no neck more SECONDARY CONDITIONS!!! That's great...I just like to think about the slowed rate of degeneration, less stress on the nervous system, know, the really big things that matter most.

Just an example how STRUCTURAL CORRECTION has a different OBJECTIVE compared to TRADITIONAL CHIROPRACTIC. Have a fun 4th!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The Psychology and Physiology of Posture

I never had a doubt about the relationship between POSTURE and your mental-state AS WELL AS your hormonal-state. It's just kinda hard to tell someone that they will change their physiology and psychology if they just "fix" their posture.

Just take a look around at people's posture and you'll notice who seems more authoritarian and who looks more like a follower. Think of the mad scientist and their hunchback side kick. Got it?

Now the impact of good posture on your physiology (especially your hormonal levels) is well known...Unfortunately you can't bottle it and sell it at a profit...Can't make a living out of telling people to sit up straight for their "low-T"...or whatever the new thing is. 

The article below is a nice easy read...if you want more details. But if you're wondering what's my stake in this game...well it's pretty basic. NOT everyone can maintain normal posture to take advantage of its benefits, because their is a problem with the structure of the spine (PAIN, ARTHRITIS, DISC PROBLEMS, DEFORMITY, ETC)...and since all I do is FOCUS ON STRUCTURAL CORRECTION...who better to discuss your STRUCTURAL problems than me!

How You Can Become More Powerful by Literally Standing Tall

Posture can affect how powerful you feel--and how powerful you are
 | January 4, 2011

"More impressively, expansive postures also altered the participants’ hormone levels. Using salivary samples, Carney and colleagues found that expansive postures led individuals to experience elevated testosterone (T) and decreased cortisol (C). This neuroendocrine profile of High T and Low C has been consistently linked to such outcomes as disease resistance and leadership abilities. Although past research has found that occupying a powerful role leads to expansive postures, Carney et al.’s paper is the first to investigate the reciprocal relationship – the causal effect of posture on the mental experience of power.

Along with Deborah Gruenfeld and Lucia Guillory from Stanford University, we have further established the primacy of posture. In our studies, also appearing in Psychological Science, we empirically demonstrated that not only does expansive posture predict power-related behavior, but it might actually be the closest correlate of these behaviors. Across three studies, we found that when individuals were placed in high- or low-power roles while adopting an expansive or constricted posture, only posture affected the implicit activation of power, the taking of action, and the tendency to see the forest instead of the trees."