How Do I Work With Corrective Chiropractic?

We don't like surprises any more than you and this is why we explain how we work in exhaustive detail.

First, any potential patient must have an initial consultation. We provide this TWO ways. The most common way is to schedule a private consultation OR you can attend our weekly Intro Night.

Just so you know, consultations are NOT sales pitches, they are NOT a commitment to anything and they are definitely not us preaching down to you or bashing everything you know. They are just an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your problem(s) and for us to explain what we do (Structural Correction) and how it is different from what you may have tried.

Since we consider the consultation to be an opportunity for us, we do not charge anything.They are quick, 20 minutes, and don't require anything more than a smile and a hand shake. We want you to choose us because you understand our approach and we want to meet you and see if you would be a good fit for the office. After all, we know we are not for everybody, but we would like everybody to understand what Structural Correction is and is not. 

If you choose to work with us, the next step is the Complete Structural Examination. It takes us a day or two to process the data...after which we will meet and discuss your results. If we think we can help you, we will design an Initial Intensive Plan of corrective-care specific to your Primary Condition. This includes the pre-structural rehabilitation, structural adjustments and the required Complimentary Recommendations. Yes, there will be additional products, that compliment our care, that you will have to purchase (not required to buy from us!). Our goal is to provide the best possible correction using whatever means are at our disposal...which brings us to the actual care.

The Initial Phase of corrective-care will require you to be a hard worker. Structural Correction is about as far from an experience at a spa as you can get. We want to provide maximum correction as fast as reasonably possible. Expect each session to last around 35-40 minutes, and every minute will count. We like to say you will be comfortably-uncomfortable because correction works at very deep levels. PLUS, our Complimentary Recommendations will keep you busy on the days you are not in the office. Think of the Initial Phase of correction as a temporary will pay off big!

Financially's the deal. We DO NOT accept assignment from third parties. Over the years (started in 1998) we have watched deductibles expand to more than the average cost of an entire case (average around 16 weeks long). Co-pays have also grown to nearly the cost of a structural-correction session. Of course, anyone who would like to submit a claim to their PPO-insurance or auto-insurance is provided the appropriate paperwork, upon request. Eliminating the billing-staff and expensive software saves everyone money.

Contact us to schedule a consultation when you are ready.