What Do I Need To Know Before My Examination?


After the complimentary consultation you may undergo the Complete Structural Examination.

Just like you wouldn't buy a house without looking inside,  we don't work on your spine without first looking inside.  The Complete Structural Exam is just that...complete. We begin with the structure of the feet. Any significant deviations from what is considered NORMAL are corrected before we proceed to Structural Radiography. 

These radiographs determine if you have any of the FOUR SIGNS that are clear indicators of Leg Length Discrepancy Syndrome and Anterior Head Syndrome. These indicators have nothing to do with age or genetics. They are a result of neurological and functional compensation AND the wear and tear these structural abnormalities place on the involved tissues. They include:

1. Thinning, compressed discs
2. Changes to the shape of the vertebral body
3. Loss of the spines natural curves
4. Significant spinal shifts to the side, forward or backward

These signs are not hard to miss. If they are there...they are there.

Our new high frequency x-ray machine directly downloads the images to the computer. This not only saves time and the environment (no chemicals!), but also insures an excellent image for study. Digital Structural Analysis is then used to correlate the patient's posture with their structure. Finally, we provide a thorough neurological examination, followed by any necessary orthopedic and functional tests. This is the information needed for developing our best recommendations and complimentary recommendations for your condition.

We schedule exams to take up to 2 hours. You will walk out knowing a lot about your condition after the first day, but we will require a few more hours to study all the data collected. 

You will be scheduled to return for your recommendations usually two days later. At that time you may even elect to undergo a trial Structural Correction Session. Basically you will get a good "taste" of what a normal visit is like in this office. Without causing any permanent structural correction, you can spend up to 10 minutes on one of our a Structural Remodeling Tables before receiving a slightly toned down Structural Correction Adjustment. We will also instruct you on how to perform one of your Structural Correction Exercises and Corrective Mobilization procedures from your Complimentary Recommendations.

Even after this "trial" session we expect you to feel like you were run over by a truck...however in a good way...after all, Structural Correction is NOT a day at he spa...correction takes work!