Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Pop n Pray"

Wow! I was just blown away today when I heard this saying come out of a complete stranger’s mouth…“Pop n Pray” is a derogatory term that is usually used to describe Traditional chiropractic, and because of that I’ve NEVER said it around patients. I love Traditional chiropractic, and think it truly helps people who don’t have any structural-abnormalities of the spine or live somewhere were they don’t have any other option.

I just couldn't believe my ears. My jaw literally dropped when he said it. It was incredible hearing it come from someone I just met and wasn't another chiropractor like myself.  Prior to today, I only heard this at technique seminars.

Here’s what happened, best I can remember…

I dropped by the coffee shop and on my way out this guy saw my race bike and asked me a few questions which led to a conversation about what I did for a living, since I can’t make money racing bikes (I must look like a pro, lol!)…We were talking about bike racing and he mentioned that he had a bad crash while racing BMX. Turns out he broke his pelvis, but the hospital somehow missed it. It wasn't until he went to a chiropractor, who focused on structural correction (not his exact words but mentioned another structural technique) picked it up during his structural exam.   

Luckily, he had a great experience that wasn’t limited to just that chiropractor either, as he needed surgery and physical therapy as well.  I was just as shocked that he went to a structural-based chiropractor. There's not that many of us!  When I told him that my practice was limited to structural correction, like his old chiro, he replied, “regular chiropractic is just pop n pray”.

I wanted to high-five him…but I like to downplay that stuff in public. I really do appreciate traditional or “regular” chiropractic…the chiropractors are a different story all together, sadly.

Anyway, this chance meeting got me thinking more about the differences between Traditional chiropractic care and Corrective Chiropractic’s Structural Corrective care. It’s something I need to work on personally, so I can communicate what I do…it's something that takes more than a catch-phrase.

Corrective Chiropractic
  • Increases ranges of motion
  • Decreases muscle spasm
  • Decreases pain
  • Most common form of chiropractic care you can find
  • There are many techniques or styles that use anything from the well-know hands-on “cracks”/manual manipulations/adjustments to low force instruments to achieve their goals
  • Complete Structural Examination…no guessing, no “pop n pray”
  • Restores spine back to its normal ranges
  • Restores normal function of the spine and pelvis
  • Complimentary Requirements that leave almost “no-stone unturned” from the ground up
  • Increases ranges of motion
  • Decreases muscle spasm
  • Decreases pain
  • After your care is complete, which takes TIME, the Complete Structural Exam is repeated so we can measure and SEE the correction you attained  
  • Educate patients on how to maintain their correction so they are not dependent on us FOREVER. We want you to keep your correction
  • We do not cater to the insurance company’s standards nor are we limited to their coverage
  • Take pride in NOT SETTLING, so we NEVER stop searching for ways to provide a better service

Most of my patients come here, or to similar style practitioners, because they were tired of patching up a problem that returns over and over again.  They were not SEEING or feeling the results they expected because the underlying structural abnormality problem was perpetuating their problem. An uncommon approach that made a lasting impression on this guy. It really made my day.